Boomerang Water Satisfies Executive Order 13514

Five Guiding Directives

Reduces Petroleum Consumption

Standard plastic bottled water uses 3 ounces of oil to produce each and
every bottle. More fuel and oil is then required to truck and or fly water to
our troops for one time use. Minimal petroleum product is used as part of
the Boomerang container itself, and since it is produced on site it eliminates
transportation costs as well as the associated fuel requirements.

Conserves Water

The Boomerang system maximizes water conservation during every phase
of its process including the sterilization, filtration and filling. Less than one
ounce of water per bottle is lost in bottling process vs. standard plastic
bottled water where for every bottle filled, three times its volume is wasted.

Reduces Waste

Once returned, bottles are washed, sterilized and reused again and again.
Therefore landfill contribution is zero. This reduces space in facility waste
containers. Our caps are fully recyclable, where plastic bottled water caps are

Supports Sustainable Communities

Boomerang Water is the only sustainable bottled water solution available

Leverages Federal Purchasing Power, Promoting Environmentally-
Responsible Products and Technologies

The system pays for itself in a matter of days. After that, the cost to produce
bottled water is reduced two to three times lower than purchasing standard
plastic bottled water.

Boomerang boasts a 20 to 1 carbon footprint reduction and produces 95%
less C02 after the first use of each bottle.

Boomerang Technology provides bottled water for less cost, produces less
waste, and has 95% less C02 emission than standard bottled water. It is so
unique, it is patented.

Think ahead, Give back