Boomerang Water Makes a “Big Splash”

Boomerang News posted by @ August 19th, 2011

Charlotte, NC-     Boomerang Water makes a “Big Splash” at the 2nd Annual North Carolina Federal Environmental Symposium (NCMBC).

 Showcasing an actual Boomerang Water Bottling Machine at the show, Colin Van Rooyen, Dan Cedrone and Gary Knox were on hand answering questions and extolling the benefits of the newest technology in bottled water. 

“Boomerang offers a unique solution with patented technology that directly addresses the growing issues of plastic bottled water production, transportation, storage and waste and its negative effects on the environment” stated Van Rooyen.

Boomerang is a simple machine that replaces the need for dining facilities to purchase, transport, store and dispose of vast quantities of plastic water bottles for food service consumption.  With one or two operators, this system produces 2,500 bottles per 8 hour day, reducing the carbon “bootprint”, saving water usage, saving money and reducing landfill contribution to ZERO.

The Clearwater exhibit boasted a full size Boomerang machine with a video loop offering a narrative of the benefits of the machine, its numerous ties to “Green Procurement” and “Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans”.  These initiatives are being implemented throughout eleven federal agencies, including military branches and are a result of Presidential Executive Order 13514.

Keynote Speaker Addison D. Davis, IV CEO, US Army Reserve Command Fort Bragg, NC addressed Attendees by defining the role of sustainability within the military and how bases are currently working through these directives.   Mr. Davis currently serves as the Senior Energy Official and Senior Sustainability Official for the Army Reserve.

This was the 2nd annual event organized by the NCMBC and was held on the Central Piedmont Community College’s Harper Campus in Charlotte, NC.    Over 400 attendees and 50 exhibitors participated.