Boomerang Water Tapping at Collegiate Doors

Boomerang News posted by @ February 10th, 2012

Press Release , Huntersville, NC, February 9, 2012:  

Clearwater Manufacturing, Inc., manufacturer of the Boomerang Water Bottling System is aggressively tapping on the doors of colleges and universities nationwide.  “This exciting new product provides a sustainable solution for campuses that would like to rid themselves of plastic water bottles” says Clearwater’s President, Dan Cedrone. 

The Boomerang System consists of a refrigerator-sized machine, reusable bottles, and caps. By means of a single operator, the machine sterilizes the bottles, filters the facility’s tap water and caps the bottles at the rate of 2,000 bottles per 8 hour day. “What distinguishes Boomerang is the specially designed aluminum bottle, which can be washed and reused again and again. “Boomerang’s carbon footprint is far less than standard plastic bottled water since the containers are sterilized and reused, where water is not being transported all over the country”. “Our goal is to maximize the benefits that Boomerang provides by means of educating consumers and facilitating installations at campuses throughout the country”. Clearwater is targeting colleges, universities, corporate dining centers, cruise ships, hospitals and military bases. All of which provide environments that maximize the return of the bottles.

“Boomerang Water is not only sustainable; it maintains the convenience of personal sized bottled water for students and visitors with guaranteed sterility. It also provides a revenue stream for the school that is lost when bottles or cups are issued for use with fountains”. Cedrone continues, “Custom printed bottles provide excellent branding opportunities where school logos, game schedules, and mascots can be printed on the aluminum bottles. “It creates lucrative marketing opportunities while protecting the environment”.

Boomerang provides not only an immediate contribution to the reduction of plastic water bottles from campuses, but actually contributes to their respective foodservice and concession business models.  Individually tailored solutions include; custom printed bottles, system sizing, purchase vs. lease analysis, and marketing assistance.

Clearwater Mfg. is now taking orders for system installations for the second quarter of 2012.

Contact Julie Finke for more information at 704.897-0555.

Clearwater Mfg. is a member of AASHE, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.