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As a company, we are aiming to become carbon neutral. boomerang water is clean, safe, delicious water without the harmful toxins, wasteful process, and other negative impacts of plastic bottled water.

Step 1

Once the costumer enjoys the refreshing, crisp taste of boomerang water, they simply bring the bottle back to a return area or a designated receptacle.

Step 2

The operator collects the bottles and washes them in the facility’s dishwasher. The bottles are then placed back into the boomerang water machine where they are sanitized again and then filled with highly purified water.

Step 3

The boomerang water machine does all the work—sanitizing, filling and capping
the water bottles. A new cap is used for each bottle produced. Used caps are conventionally recycled. The boomerang process provides a crisp taste and convenience of bottled water with the environmentally friendly benefits of filtered
tap water. think ahead, give back.™

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