About Our Company

Green Water Bottle AlternativeClearwater Manufacturing, Inc. was created in 2007 specifically to develop, manufacture and distribute a newly invented micro water bottling system called boomerang water.

The company was challenged with the task of designing a machine that reduces the negative landfill contribution and high CO2 emissions produced by the plastic bottled water industry. While at the same time maximizing the convenience of individual serving sized containers.

Company founders Dan Cedrone and Colin Van Rooyen have over 50 years combined experience regarding materials engineering, machine design, CNC manufacturing, and distribution logistics.

Several other manufacturing companies are owned and/or operated by Dan and Colin and employ over 60 employees involving the manufacturing of products ranging from medical life-saving devices to pneumatic hand tools.

The Boomerang Effect

When you throw good energy into the universe, it comes right back to you. That’s the concept behind boomerang water, a self-contained water filtration and bottling system that includes a machine, environmentally friendly bottles and refreshing, filtered drinking water.

Our glass bottles use 95% less CO2 per bottle than plastic bottles after the first use. They can be used again and again—reducing waste and increasing revenues. Our smart system brings consumers a higher sense of altruism, distributors higher profits and the Earth a higher state of sustainability.

think ahead, give back.™