Boomerang Profitability

Green Bottled Water Alternative
boomerang water makes sense from an environmental and a financial standpoint. Gain a competitive advantage by selling a quality, local and pure water option that is socially and environmentally responsible. You won’t just be helping the environment—you’ll also be helping your bottom line.

Return on Investment

boomerang water machines are purchased from Clearwater Manufacturing, Inc. A supply of caps and glass and/or aluminum bottles are purchased to satisfy demand. Monthly maintenance contracts cover filter changes, adjustment and/or repairs.

The cost of the first bottles for the first time is about the same as buying a plastic bottle of water at wholesale cost. With every return
the profit is almost doubled as now there is only the expense of a cap and labor
of handling.

Daily Volume vs. Annual Profit

Water Bottle Profits

*Aluminum Bottles    

Contact for Cost

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